Praha historická | Prague historical

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Discover known and long forgotten Prague locations, compare the lifestyle of residents throughout the centuries and experience the busy, city-dwelling lifestyle during various bygone eras with the Praha historická | Prague historical | Historische Prag photography book.

See which vehicles transported locals at the start or at the end of the twentieth century, inspect the construction of the Saint Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle or witness the evolution of Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

Historical photographs, as well as contemporary ones, provide an invitation to experience the extraordinary atmosphere of Prague.

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Pages: 144

Book size: 255 mm x 230 mm

Contemporary Photographs: Luboš Stiburek a Pražský Svět

Text: Otakar Jestřáb

Hardcover book

Language: Czech, English, Deutsch

ISBN 978-80-878-4111-2